5 fun perks of embracing the chill

March 24, 2022

The days are short, the sky is grey, and all we want to do is curl up on the couch and hibernate. That does sound pretty great. You know what else is great? Getting outside and exploring our winter wonderland. Don’t believe us? Consider these five fun perks of embracing the chilly air outside.

Breathe a bit easier

Get rid of that furnace fueled stuffy nose and breathe deeply the crisp and clean air of winter. Pollen isn’t flying around and more air moisture and precipitation mean less exposure to breathing in pollutants. A surprise bons from nature:  the cool air dampens sound and gives us a bit of a break from our noisy lives.

Soak up the sun

The days may be shorter, but for most of us, there is still some sunlight to enjoy. Here's the chance to bring some intention to something we take for granted most of the year. Take and break and get out into the sun for at least a few minutes each day. Your body and mind will thank you. Even if you just take a short walk around lunchtime, you will feel warmer and more energetic for it.

Enjoy the unexpected

When we go on our favorite hike or to the closest beach in the summer, we have a blast, but we know what to expect. Spending some time in your favorite outdoor areas in the winter can be like exploring a new and alien world. We can find new wonders, see things from a new perspective, and enjoy the beauty of our environment in a whole new way. Let the winter landscape fill you with curiosity and delight (as long as you dress accordingly!)


Connect with the changes of the seasons

When we go outside at different times of the year, we are reminded of how the natural world changes and grows - even places that don't have as obvious seasonal changes have season changes. These changes help us get in touch with the cycles that drive the physical world around us, these are the cycles that sustain our lives. When we take a moment to reflect on that, we remember how beautiful it is that we are all a part of this amazing system, and we remember why it is so great that we choose to live the Renewable Life. 


Appreciate the hearth

Whether we are taking care of outdoor chores or pursuing alpine adventures, spending time outside in the winter can really work up a sweat and take a lot out of us. We may wind up a bit wiped out. Then, when we come back inside for a warm mug by the fire or snuggle up with some soup, we appreciate our hibernation location that much more.



Whether you're a winter lover or not, there's a lot of love in the season. Here's to embracing and enjoying it all. 

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