A Note from our Founders

March 24, 2022

Dear Friends,

First off, our hearts are with all of you. In all the fear and uncertainty, in all the chaos and isolation, we are holding space for peace and connection, for grace and love. 
We use the words Renewal Movement to describe how we see the partnership between our business, our brands and our customers. At no time, have the words been more apt and meaningful. The only way of moving through this crisis is together – albeit, by defining togetherness a little differently than we usually do. 
For The Renewal Workshop, the heart of our company is our factory team. They come to work every day to keep items in circulation and out of landfill by renewing them. We are doing everything we can to keep them safe and protected as they do the physical, hands on work to protect our planet. We are still open for business, both our factory and our online stores. We have taken the advice and guidance from the CDC and implemented all of the precautions to create a safe workspace.  This means requiring those who can work from home to do so, implementing intense cleaning protocols and social distancing for workstations and communal spaces and anyone with any signs of illness is required to stay home. 
We are currently operating as usual. There is no disruption or delay in our order fulfillment. We’ve decided that as long as we can keep our team and customers safe, continuing to make circular sales available is the right choice. 
As in all decisions, our ethos and core values drive our decision-making:
We are organized around the idea that businesses have multiple responsibilities for generating positive, lasting value. 

We are here to solve hard problems and to create circular systems that make things better. Our work is to do what is good and right for people and for the planet. 

We reduce waste and restore value. We create jobs and treat people fairly. We serve customers kindly and work with partners cooperatively. We consciously choose to act with love in what we do and how we do it. 

As we navigate these challenging and changing times, we will continue to be open and transparent about the what and why of our decisions. As a young, small business we feel the vulnerability of this moment. We also feel the support, dedication, and love of our entire Renewal community.

Thank you for being part of the Renewal Movement!

-Nicole Bassett, Jeff Denby and the entire Renewal Workshop team

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