Be my renewed valentine

March 24, 2022

The big day for love and romance is just around the corner, so we wanted to share our favorite ways to say, “I love you!” while staying renewed. Check out our 8 favorite Renewable Life Valentine’s Day activities.

T-shirt Quilt

Remember all of those shirts you got for running that first half marathon or visiting the Hole N’ the Rock together? Yeah, you still love those memories but you rarely wear the shirts. Keep them around and give them a new cozy, cuddle-ready purpose by making a t-shirt quilt together! Pick out some shirts together and follow the instructions here. Or, if you aren't ready to dive into the project yourself, try our friends at Project Repat.


Memory Quest

Get some fresh air while taking a walk down memory lane together in your neighborhood or in another meaningful location. First, choose a general route to take together. On your own, pick five memorable spots or features and come up with clues that will tickle your partner’s memory. Share the clues and venture forth to see how many you can find. If the weather isn’t great or you aren’t in the mood for a walk, you can play the same game by going through old pictures.


Hungry Hearts

A romantic dinner is almost a requirement for Valentines Day, but that doesn’t mean that you have to get a reservation at the hottest new restaurant or that one partner has to do all the work. You can cook a wonderful meal together and be more present in each other’s company. Pick out a new recipe you want to try, turn on some relaxing music, and work to create your feast together. Share cooking tips that you have learned over the years, along with the responsibility of clean-up duty and the support of your presence, and you will be left with full hearts and bellies.


Compliment Jar

We want our partners to know how much we love and appreciate them even when we are apart, and this activity can be a great way to make that happen. Find two jars (with lids) and some scrap paper. Cut the paper into small strips. On the blank side of the paper, write what you appreciate about your partner. Then fold the strips and put them in the jars and exchange. Now, when you are feeling a bit down or distant from your partner, you can open your jar and read one of the bits of joy inside for a quick spark in your day.


Silly Songs

Do you have have a favorite song, maybe from the first concert you went to together? Do you know all the words by heart and have a special dance to go along with it? Then sing it out loud together! Practice getting the performance just right. Improvise accompaniment out of pots and pans if you don’t have any instruments around. Get silly and have fun with it! No favorite song? No problem, you can pick one out together to practice along with.


Puzzle Party

Sometimes all of the screen time in our lives can get in the way of the relationships that matter most. Put the screens away and try out a good old-fashioned jigsaw puzzle with your partner. It is generative but simple, and you get to work together on it. Crosswords, Sudoku, and other puzzles can be downloaded and work just as well but be sure to take turns with who gets to mark down the answers!


Found Poems

Another good collaborative activity is creating poems together. Find all the old magazines, mailers and paper recycling you can. Pick a topic and search for funny and fitting phrases that could go well with an ode to the subject. Cut out the text and pictures that you find and paste them together, taking turns with lines, onto a blank piece of paper. Don’t worry about rhymes as long as you are having fun.


Stretch Together

When you both have had long, exhausting days but you still want to share some special time together, try partner yoga or just do some stretches together. You can sneak in some movement, relieve some tension, help each other with flexibility, and it helps you carve out time for physical connection.

Above all, have fun with whatever you decide to do! The joy we share with each other is both irreplaceable and the best kind of renewable energy there is. With love from The Renewal Workshop.


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