Building Partnerships

March 24, 2022

The aim of The Renewal Workshop is to solve hard problems and to create circular systems that make things better. From the start, we have understood that we cannot solve these problems alone.  The only way to make changes that will be substantial enough to transform the apparel and textile industry is to build partnership with others. 

At present, we have over 20 brand partners that share our commitment to sustainability. We work with our partners cooperatively by helping linear businesses start and continue their journey to circular. Each partnership begins with discussion so that we can hear and understand their brand standards and sustainability goals.  In turn, we offer a chance for the brand teams to learn how a circular system works. Without gaining a clear understanding on both sides, we cannot make the progress needed to transform our linear industry. That is why this part, the listening and learning part, of building the partnership is so important to our success and why we offer a number of opportunities for companies to learn about circular our renewal system.

Renewed For a Day Factory Tour

Teams are invited to experience the work of renewing first hand by spending a day on-site with the experts at The Renewal Workshop.

Design for Circular Workshop

The day focuses on learning how design plays a major role in the Circular Economy. Teams get hands on experience with product life extension, remaking product and resource recovery and how design influences each of these.

Prepare to Circulate Workshop

A two-day workshop to kick-start a brand partner’s journey to circular.

End of Use Opportunity Assessment

The Renewal Workshop offers scoped consulting project to identify end-of-use opportunities for each brand.

Renewal Pilot Program

The Renewal Workshop provides renewability assessment of “unsellable” product from a brand.

We will continue to learn and listen so that we can, together with our present and future brand partners, change the linear system and create a healthier planet.

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