Happy Earth Day!

April 22, 2020

It is the power of partnerships and communal action that create movements and drive change.  That is precisely what Earth Day was intended to do: harness collective power for the good of the planet.  It is a time, like most holidays, to stop and recognize. It isn’t the only day we celebrate the earth, that happens every other day but it is a chance to pause and honor this great planet we’ve been gifted.

We started The Renewal Workshop because we love the planet. We respect it is finite and precious and deserves care and respect. When all of the resources that go into the making of clothing and textiles end up being thrown away, we are forgetting that there is no such thing as away. We’re trying to solve this problem that creates so much devastation for nature by looking to natural systems to guide our business and help us achieve the ultimate goal of reducing waste and restoring value.   

We also love people and the holiday gives us a moment to thank everyone who has been part of our journey. Through changing how they do business or buying products that are inherently helping reduce impact on the planet, all of our brand partners and customers are powering the Renewal Movement to make a healthier planet. 

We now have more than 20 partners and thousands of customers who have contributed to making business more like nature: Circular.

By working together, we’ve collectively diverted over 302,188 lbs of textiles from landfill

Through Renewing products, we have saved the equivalent of

  • The energy to power 25,178 light bulbs per year
  • The carbon of 22,572 gallons of gas
  • The water of 137 Olympic swimming pools
  • 207,940 lbs of toxic chemicals

As we celebrate Earth Day, we want to thank you all of the partners we have worked with over the years.  





Eagle Creek

First Mile



Lo & Sons


Mara Hoffman

Mountain Khakis

Myles Apparel





Pearl Izumi


Rambler’s Way

The North Face





The only way we can have a circular economy is if we have customers who believe in the vision for a world where the earth is at the heart of our decisions. Thank you for your support. We are all on this planet together.

Happy Earth Day from all of us in The Renewal Workshop




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