How To Wrap Waste-Free

December 13, 2018

 I definitely love buying gifts more than getting them. I love to think about the person I am buying for and what they love, what gets them excited, how they spend their time. I find all of this thinking about the people I love to be one of the best parts of the holiday season.

Often, the gift giving process ends with the shopping, though. From there, it becomes about the logistics of wrapping and mailing. It doesn't have to be this way. It's easy to extend the thoughtfulness of gift giving all the way through the wrapping and to do it waste-free so it's a gift to the person and to the planet.

Here are five easy ways to wrap waste-free:

1. Furoshiki – Japanese cloth wrapping.

When you use beautiful fabrics, the gift stands out from all the paper. The cloth is reusable so you're starting a circular practice of waste-free wrapping with your family and friends every time you use it. 

Here is a how-to you can print out and give to your recipient too!

2. The Container

There are tons of cool glass or metal food containers on the market these days. You can use wrap anything from homemade baked goods to a Renewed shirt rolled up just right. Here are a couple we like.

Preserve Food Storage

Lifefactory Food Storage


3. Reuse your recycling

If you have newspapers or paper grocery bags around, they make for great paper for wrapping, this way your recycling is getting another use before it heads back to the recycling. For paper bags, grab a stamp or even some markers to draw or write on the outside if you want to add some flair.

Brown Paper Bag Wrapping Ideas

Newspaper Wrapping Ideas


 4. The Experience

Some gifts are just not things. What is an experience you can give the one you love? Treat them to a meal at their favorite restaurant, visit your favorite park for a hike, tickets to a concert, something that you can experience together and make a memory.

5. Make a Gift Basket

Do you have a cool box, bag, basket around that you can fill with your favorite treats? Include things people wouldn’t normally buy for themselves, some local fancy coffee, chocolate, soaps, honey, kombucha, wine. The ideas are endless.

The holidays are a special time of year. A time to pause and be thoughtful, not only about the person you are thinking of, but what kind of gift would really mean something to them and also how you wrap that gift.

Everything you do has an impact and even the small step of waste-free wrapping is you making a positive difference.

Happy Holidays!

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