Jeff Denby Presented at Pure London 2020

March 24, 2022

Pure London 2020 is the UK`s leading fashion trade event for contemporary and directional womenswear, young fashion for men and women, accessories and footwear. Held twice a year, every February and August, in Kensington Olympia it continually attracts over 10,000 buyers and 900 brands each season.

The Renewal Workshop Co-Founder, Jeff Denby, spoke at Pure London on the Origin Stage on February 9.  In his presentation, “Design Decisions that Work in a Circular Economy: Planning for Repair, Re-use and Recycling,” Jeff shared the knowledge he's gained from helping brands like The North Face and Mara Hoffman move from linear to circular business models. Speaking on everything from which notions you should select to make your garment repairable, to how to ensure your trim does not compromise recyclability, this session helped designers and buyers understand:

  • How The Renewal Workshop process works
  • How to implement circular design at scale, planning for multiple garment use
  • The impact a new approach to fashion production

Jeff also participated in a panel on February 10, “Re-framing Garment Production to Move Away from Fast Fashion.”  He joined panelists Lauren Bravo, Author - How To Break Up With Fast Fashion and Sophie Slater, Founder – Birdsong to brainstorm changes in mindset, production methodology and consumer messaging to help us keep pace with a move away from fast, disposable fashion.

Chaired by Richard Blackburn, Sustainable Materials Expert - Leeds School of Design, the panel also discussed:

  • Seasonality - is it a requirement to produce a new collection every season?
  • Buying with life-span, repairability and circularity in mind
  • Fabrics and materials
  • The value we're sharing with the customer

Pure London is so much more than a fashion trade show, bringing together some of the brightest minds in the industry twice a year to showcase the best of the season’s collections, discover the latest trends, get exclusive business insight and make all-important international connections. The Renewal Workshop is proud to be a part of the conversation on the future of fashion and we will continue to bring forward the importance of circularity in the apparel and textile industries.

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