Natural Hues

March 24, 2022

Our partner, Indigenous, is committed to ensuring each piece of clothing is not only soft on your skin, but also soft on the earth. One of the ways they do that is by utilizing the natural colors of organic cotton and fleece to avoid the need for dyes.  When vivid colors are needed, they select only low impact dyes, eliminating harmful chemicals and waste. They are continually finding new ways to achieve this aim—here are a few:

Colored Cotton

Cotton comes in a variety of gorgeous colors that render dye unnecessary. Rich, natural hues, make lovely and versatile organic cotton cloth. Many of these colored varieties need less pesticides and water to thrive, making them a more sustainable choice for clothes and beyond.

Colored Alpaca

For many years, alpaca ranchers in the Peruvian Highlands raised only white alpacas. Their wool absorbs dye best, and that’s what markets demanded. The results: weaker, sicker herds needing antibiotics to survive. By creating a demand for colored alpaca wool, Indigenous actively increased the genetic diversity of Peru’s Alpaca populations which in turn resulted in hardier herds of alpacas and greater economic security for ranchers.

Safe Dyes

Indigenous ensures all dyes used to create their color palettes do no harm to the earth. Their low-impact dyeing process eliminates harmful chemicals and waste and utilizes dyes that are approved by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Pure Collection

What’s better than low-impact dyes? No dyes at all. The Pure collection from Indigenous derives its tones solely from nature, with gorgeous shades of alpaca, sheep’s wool, and organic cotton. 


We are proud to call Indigenous a partner and happy we can give their sustainable clothing a chance for a new life. Click here to find out more about how Indigenous helps preserve the health of our planet.

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