March 24, 2022

That's our goal. We want to keep a million pounds of apparel and textiles out of landfill and in circulation. To do it, we need your help. 

According to the EPA, collectively we send 10.5 million tons of textile waste to landfill. Think about the impact of that. Think about all the land that is consumed by this waste. Think about what the planet will look like for your kids and grandkids if we don't do something right now.

In 2015, we did something. We founded The Renewal Workshop and put reducing waste and recovering value at the center of our business purpose.

We chose to start by working at the source, with brands and retailers, to divert the clothing and textile products that they considered waste but we knew had value. We built a factory, created new manufacturing jobs in the US and designed a fully circular, zero waste system. 

Most of what we receive can be "renewed." This is our process for cleaning, repairing (if needed), certifying and warranting items to like-new quality. Things that don't meet our like-new standard are sold in our annual Workshop Sale. For anything that can't be renewed, we either use our extensive network of textile recyclers or we harvest items for upcycling projects. 

Since our business purpose is recovering value and reducing waste, those are the metrics we have tracked from our inception. To date: 

  • We have saved over 78,000 pounds of textile waste from landfill
  • In terms of energy, that's equivalent to powering 8,500 light bulbs for a year
  • In terms of water, that's equivalent to 79 Olympic sized swimming pools
  • In terms of toxic chemicals, that's equivalent to 104,000 pounds

That's what we've been able to do in a short time with a small group of committed consumers. 

It's time to grow those numbers. 

To complete the Renewal circle, the clothing and textiles we restore have to go back into use. This is where we need your help.  When it comes to apparel, returning things to like-new condition is new.  While it's been widely adopted with cars and technology, it's not as well-known in apparel. If everyone reading this told just FIVE people about renewed, we would reach 15K more people. If everyone reading this chose to make ONE renewed purchase this holiday season, we could divert an additional 10K from landfill.

We know you're going to get a lot of special offers between now and the holiday shipping deadlines. What we're offering is an invitation. We're inviting you to be part of something bigger. We're asking you to work together with us and our brand partners to make a difference, to make the planet healthier for generations of happy holidays. A million pounds of impact isn't something that we can do alone and it isn't something you can do alone but we can do it together. Let that be our gift to one another this holiday season. 

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