Six ways to get fall ready and still stay renewed

September 07, 2018

Fall is nearly upon us and it can feel like there is so much to do to get ready. We are getting back into routines and bracing for brisk weather while still holding on to and enjoying the bright bounty of summer. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to ease the transition while still living the Renewable Life. 

1. Outfit for anything

Flexible Style

As the weather starts to cool off, there will be at least a few days where we suddenly find ourselves wading through a few hours of left-over summer heat and humidity between more comfortable stretches. While bringing out your fall clothes, look for layered outfits and pieces that can help you to transition with the weather.

2. Can-do canning

Canning do

So much produce is in season and ready to harvest right now, and you don't need a big backyard garden to take advantage of it all. Pick up extra produce at your local market, learn how to can, pickle, and otherwise store your bounty, and you will be well stocked on year-round healthy treats for your family and friends.

3. Air it out

Air it out

With record-breaking heat waves happening pretty much everywhere this summer, it is understandable that most of us would want to stay inside, with the windows closed and the AC blasting. Now that the weather is starting to cool off, open your doors and windows to let the crisp breeze in and any built-up summer funk out. Also, be sure to get outside and enjoy some nature time, now that you won't feel like the sun is trying to melt you.

4. Ready your rake

Ready your rake

If you are preparing for fallen leaf clean-up, consider sticking with a rake, rather than relying on leaf blowers or other powered machinery. It will cut down on pollution and noise, the leaves will be neatly gathered for compost, and you can convince the kids to get involved, as long as they get to jump in at least one leaf pile. 

5. Reconnect with home

Reconnect with home

For many of us, summer means a disruption to our usual schedules, whether that means going on vacations and out to more events, no school for kids, or just a shift in habits to beat the midday heat. Fall, then, can be a return to the routine of home base. Take time to reconnect with your community, your home, and yourself.

6. Sunshine in a glass

Sunshine glass

Summer may be almost over, but you can still preserve some of the sunshine for when the worse winter weather arrives. Other than storing the fresh produce available now, you can store your best memories. Take some time to reflect on the best parts of this past summer. Then, either write some of them down on small strips of paper or print out some of your favorite summer photos and store them in a jar. When you need a mood boost, you can go back to these memories to brighten your day.

We hope these ideas are a good starting point to inspire you. How will you get ready for fall today?

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