Small Smile Inspiration

August 24, 2018

Small Smile Inspiration

Sometimes it can be hard to find the delight in life. There is too much distracting us or we're overwhelmed with to-do lists to the point that we can't quite see straight. To help out, we wanted to inspire you to find your own little delights with this list of 14 of our favorite small smile moments: 

1. When we run into our friends and neighbors wearing Renewed Apparel. Thanks, Mr. Mayor!

2. When we don't know exactly where we are going, but we know it will be a fun ride
Fun ride

3. When we hear a new song and get to figure out how we want to dance to it
New songs

4. When we find the right tool for the job
Right tool

5. When we find our comfy spot
Comfy spot

6. When we experience storage nirvana
Storage nirvana

7. When the new labels arrive
tag day

8. When our teammates check on us
check in on us

9. When we make new friends
New friends

10. When we finally iron out the last tiny details
Iron out the details

11. When we get to take the closed-loop idea literally
literally closed loop

12. When the team gets to sit down and share a meal 
Shared meal

13. When our colleagues coordinate outfits to maximum effect

14. When we share positive recognition
positive recognition

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but we hope it is enough to give you some great ideas. Where can you find a little delight in your day?


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