Sustainable Garment Care

March 24, 2022

One of the best ways to care for your clothes. It may seem counterintuitive to wear your clothes more, and to wash them less. However, properly caring for a loved garment over its lifetime helps not only to conserve natural resources, but to ensure that it will last a long time and to help keep textile waste out of landfills. While many of us of are in the habit of washing a garment after every wear, or of throwing all of our clothes into the washing machine and dryer – these small changes provided by Mara Hoffman can have a major impact on not only the longevity of your garment's life, but on our environment;
Use Cold Water
Washing in cold water is better for the environment and better for your garments. This is particularly true for swimwear, which should be rinsed in cold water after each use. Using cold water helps to reduce color fading, while also using less energy.
Hang Dry
Instead of throwing everything in the dryer, try to hang dry when possible. This saves electricity and avoids fiber degradation, maintaining the integrity of your garments.
Dry Clean Selectively
If a garment indicates to “dry clean only” it likely means that the fabric or construction will not withstand washing. Mara Hoffman recommends waiting to clean it until absolutely necessary. When it’s time to dry clean, choose a certified environmentally conscious dry cleaner who avoids the use of harmful chemicals like perchloroethylene or “perc”. Also, ask them to skip the plastic cover when you pick-up.
Try Natural Steam
Many natural fibers only get better with time. Avoid the iron to keep the natural, easy look. To get minor wrinkles out, hang your garments in the bathroom while you shower. The steam created is usually enough to smooth out most fabrics.
To learn more about how to extend the life of your clothing, click here.
When you feel ready to let go of your Mara Hoffman garments, there is a sustainable option.  Mara Hoffman has partnered with us, The Renewal Workshop, to implement a take back system by which you can send back your clothing for responsible repair or recycling.  Please get in touch with Mara Hoffman via, or with the renewal workshop via 

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