Talk About It

March 24, 2022

If you do just one thing to celebrate Earth Day, make it this: take the time to have at least one good conversation about climate change. 

We think about it. We see it. We hear about it. We read about it. Many of us worry about it. But how often are we really talking about it?

Here are some ways to start a conversation: 

Share with a friend or colleague what matters to you and why you care so much about climate change.

Ask why something is done in a certain way.

Dare to ask what could be better if we did it in a different way.

Ask how something used to be done.

Share something that you notice is changing or has changed.

Share how that change makes you feel. 

Look for the places where you can find common ground with others and always, always build conversations from a place of love.


If you need inspiration on where to start or how to open up this conversation with those that may not already agree with you, check out this  TED Talk from Katharine Hayhoe.


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