The Impact of Earth Day

March 24, 2022

Today is the Earth Day; the 50th Earth Day!

Since it began, Earth day has had an extraordinary impact. It has led to the passage of landmark environmental laws in the United States, including the Clean Air, Clear Water and Endangered Species Acts. Earth Day has grown into a global movement and is now recognized as the planet’s largest civic event. Earth Day was created and continues to be celebrated in order to empower individuals with the information, the tools, and the communities needed to make an impact and drive change.

The Renewal Workshop shares in today’s celebration of Earth Day.  The health of the planet is what compelled the founding of The Renewal Workshop. We wanted make the planet healthier by operating a zero waste circular system that recovers the full value out of what was once thought of as waste by creating Renewed products from discarded apparel and textiles.

We knew we couldn’t accomplish that without tracking and reporting our Impact Data comprehensively and transparently. So we developed metrics to fully understand the impact of unsellable inventory. We measure the Environmental Impact of the original product and utilize Life-cycle Assessment data to determine the energy, greenhouse gas, water, and toxin consumption used in making the product the first time.

Since starting the company in 2016, we have reduced the following:

  • The energy of 25,178 light bulbs per year
  • The carbon of 22, 572 gallons of gas
  • The water of 137 Olympic swimming pools
  • 207,940 lbs. of toxic chemicals
  • 229,468 lbs. of textile waste diverted from landfill

It is the power of partnerships and communities that creates a movement and drives change.  That is precisely what Earth Day was intended to do: harness that power for the good of the planet.  In the same way, it is our brand partners that help us make a healthier planet by moving forward toward circular.  We now have more than 20 partners and are grateful they are part of our community.


Our Partners:


COS (NB addition)


Eagle Creek

First Mile (not listed on the impact data spreadsheet)



Lo & Sons

Manduka (not listed on the impact data spreadsheet)

Mara Hoffman

Mountain Khakis

Myles (not listed on the impact data spreadsheet)


Osprey (not listed on the impact data spreadsheet)

Outerknown (not listed on the impact data spreadsheet)

Pangaia (not listed on the impact data spreadsheet)

Pearl Izumi


Rambler’s Way

The North Face

Timbuk2 (not listed on the impact data spreadsheet)


Tommy Hilfiger (NB addition)



We are also extremely thankful for our family of employees –especially now when all have stepped up to help our community—and to you, our customers. Thank you for your support.

Happy Earth Day from all of us in The Renewal Workshop Family.

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