Less Waste, More Value

The Renewal Sensibility is our formula for reducing waste by recovering value. We create a multiplier effect with every garment or piece of textile that is diverted from landfill by making it into something new – renewed apparel, upcycling material, or recycling fiber. Our Sensibility is to recoup the original creative, financial, material, natural resource, and labor investments that went into making something in the first place.

The Renewal Sensibility is captured in the Impact Score we assign to each item. This is a sophisticated value equation that blends the number of pounds of waste diverted from landfill with energy, water, toxic chemical, and greenhouse gas savings. These savings are combined with the positive impacts of money invested into the circular economy from sales and number of living wage jobs created to produce an inclusive Impact Score for every item in the Renewal System.

The Renewal Sensibility is our super efficient formula for making the world and better and more livable place.

In our first three months of operations, the process of renewing apparel has had huge environmental savings.
We saved enough energy to power 8000 lightbulbs for one year
We cut carbon impact equivalent to the burning of 9000 gallons of gasoline
We saved enough water to fill 41 Olympic sized swimming pools
We eliminated consumption of 39,000 pounds of toxic chemicals
We diverted 2750 pounds of waste from landfill

That’s the big time effect you are having every time you buy renewed instead of new.