The Renewal System is the proprietary process we developed to bridge gaps, connect systems, and mobilize leadership to transform the existing linear manufacturing practices into circular ones.

We turn discarded apparel and textiles into renewed apparel, upcycling materials or recycled fiber.

It is a zero-waste system that recovers the full value out of what has already been created as a way of serving customers, partners and planet.

1.5 billion garments are made for the US market alone each year.

For garments that can’t be sold, there was no systematic solution for recovering the resources invested in them. This unsellable inventory is a big part of the 14 million tons of apparel and textiles that go to landfill every year.

Now, instead of going to landfill, our partners’ unsellable inventory comes to our new factory in Cascade Locks, Oregon.

First, it gets sorted into: Renewable, Upcyclable, or Recycling. The majority of what we receive is renewable.

It then all goes into the coolest cleaning system in the world – a machine called Tersus.

We’ve partnered with Tersus Solutions, the world’s most advanced waterless cleaning technology that uses liquid CO2 to clean garments to a good-as-new clean.

It removes stains, oil, smoke, mold and anything else you can think of. It can reloft down and reapply DWR coatings to technical outdoor gear. We’re one of only a handful of businesses in the world with a Tersus onsite and we’re very proud of it.

After the Tersus does its work, our phenomenal Quality team inspects each garment and develops a plan for its renewal.

Then it heads to the Sew Techs who do their magic - these people are basically like apparel surgeons.

Finally, every piece of renewed apparel is styled, photographed and rolled in our recyclable packaging. It's ready for you to enjoy!