We don't believe in "out there," in the idea that we have to be someone else or have something else to be content. It's not true.
We are enough and we have enough, right here, right now.
At The Renewal Workshop, we're bringing that vision to life in many different ways, renewing clothing is just one of them.

We're also developing habits and practices to live this lifestyle and to inspire others to join us. We will use the time you give us to share images and information that we've found helpful as we chart this new approach.
One of the most important practices of living renewed is how we relate to you, our customers.

We are beginning this relationship with a promise.

We will never use manipulation as a sales strategy. This means we won't exploit fear and we will never, ever trade in shame to get you to buy something from us. We're making this promise publicly. It's a covenant between us and it comes with the expectation you will tell us if you feel like we aren't living up to it. Appreciating you, your time, your attention, your value is our first step in living life renewed.