What to Expect

Renewed Apparel is made from garments specifically selected from a larger pool of unsellable inventory based on having the highest level of untapped value. Items may or may not have been previously used or damaged. Because of the way unsellable inventory comes to The Renewal Workshop, we often don’t know its history. When something is chosen for RENEWAL, it goes through a six-stage process:

Cleaned –We’ve partnered with Tersus solutions, the world’s most advanced waterless cleaning technology. The Tersus delivers the deepest industrial grade clean available through its state-of-the-art CO2 system.

Repaired – About 50% of Renewed Apparel has been professionally repaired in some way. This could be as simple as replacing a button or as complex as replacing a zipper. All repairs respect the original design and quality standards of the garment. When we replace snaps or buttons, we often don’t have exact matches but we choose replacements that easily blend in. In the case of fabric tears, holes and snags, we categorize repairs by Zone.

Zone 1 – main focal point
Zone 2 – second focal area (back, sleeve, below)
Zone 3 – inside lining, seams

Renewed Apparel will not have visible external repairs in Zone 1. There may be minor external repairs in Zone 2 or Zone 3 or internal repairs in Zone 1. We flag visible repairs on the outside of a garment through product descriptions and photos.

Certified – All Renewed Apparel, whether it required repair, is certified to ensure that everything works (ex. buttons, zippers, snaps, closures, linings, water resistant coating) and there is no piling, fading, fabric fatigue or overall signs of exterior wear. Once garments are reviewed and approved, they are officially certified as Renewed Apparel.

Co-branded – The Renewal Workshop label lets everyone know that the garment is officially Renewed Apparel. This means it has met both our standards and the original brand standards.

Transparently Presented– On the product page for each item, customers can see exactly what was done to renew the garment.

Happily Received – Renewed Apparel isn’t fully renewed until a customer is happily using it. If for any reason, the garment doesn’t meet expectations, we’ll take it back and refund the sale.