It’s awesome science! We've partnered with TERSUS Solutions, the world’s most advanced cleaning technology, to get our Renewed Apparel to a clean-as-new quality without water.

TERSUS harnesses the gentle cleaning properties of liquid CO2 to remove oils, particulates, and odor that degrade the useful life of apparel. Gently removing these elements improves the look and feel of a garment after each cycle, and extends its useful life.

TERSUS uses CO2 in a closed-loop system where the C02 starts out as a gas and is compressed to a liquid. Once in liquid form it runs similar to your home washing machine, using an environmentally safe detergent through cleaning and rinsing cycles. At the end of the process, the pressure is released and the C02 turns back into a gas. The clothes are totally dry. No water, no heat! The process recaptures 98% of the C02. It eliminates the need for water, thus using fewer natural resources and produces no effluent. Because no heat is used, the garments are protected against shrinkage and fiber degradation.


The Renewal Process is what we call the process a garment goes through inside our Renewal Factory to ensure a high quality product for our customers. Our first step is to determine if the product can be renewed and sold as Renewed Apparel. We inspect each product by hand to determine if there are any problems like holes, or broken components, dirt or stains. If it looks like we can fix it, then it is sent to be cleaned in our TERSUS cleaning machine.

After cleaning the garment is re-inspected by our Quality Lead and either approved for labeling or prepped for repair. If something needs to be fixed, a sew tech gathers the thread, zippers, buttons or whatever is needed to make the repair. We co-brand every product with a Renewal Workshop label so you can have confidence that the garment has been certified to meet the quality standards for Renewed Apparel.

The Renewal Workshop works in collaboration with our brand partners to set quality standards for repairs. We have a guideline for every kind of repair and the quality is approved by our brand partners. Our repairs meet the quality expectation of our brand partners.

After repairs are done, the product passes through our Quality Assurance department for final inspection - this way we confirm the repairs and labels meet the required standards.


Most apparel brands are experts in fashion, innovation and design for new garments. They contract with factories all over the world who are the experts in manufacturing apparel.

The operations of the brands themselves are not set up to manufacture clothing and the majority of apparel factories are outside the US. The Renewal Workshop was created to help apparel brands close the loop on their products once they are here in the US market. We are experts in apparel renewal and managing materials for upcycling and recycling if the products cannot be renewed.

 Some brands do offer repairs and warranty on their products, but this is different than renewal. Warranty operations are set up to help customers who want their products fixed and returned. We love this because it extends the life of garments on an individual basis customer by customer. We partner with companies to help manage all of their unsellable returns and excess inventory which includes warranty claims that customers do not want back.


The Renewal System is the proprietary process we developed to take discarded clothing and turn it into renewed apparel, material for upcycling, or feedstock for recycling. Our goal is to ensure a zero waste system that recovers the full value out of what has already been created.

For the items that cannot be Renewed we collect and organize that material to use it at its highest value. That means if the material can be used to make something new then it should. We call this upcycling. Sometimes the material is too damaged to be used again, so we aggregate these materials for recycling. While recycling innovation for textiles is still new, we are able to conduct R&D, and supply feedstock for that research on behalf of our brand partners.


The Renewal Workshop handles all of a brand’s unsellable returns and excess inventory. Brands collect these products over time from a variety of sources. It could come from customer returns, warranty claims, manufacturing defects, unsold merchandise, product damaged in shipping or at retail stores. This amounts to hundreds to thousands to millions of items every year depending on the size of the brand.

These products vary in size, color, and style - nobody knows what’s coming back to the brand nor when! When The Renewal Workshop receives products from our brand partners we get this wide variety and mix of products. While we might receive items that are the same, they may be different sizes or have different issues that need repair. Every item is individually inspected and custom renewed so every item of Renewed Apparel is actually one-of-kind.


Not always. Sometimes we get products that were damaged in shipping or had a manufacturing defect.  Some products get damaged at the warehouse or in transit to a store. Some products get dirty or damaged at the retail store. And some products were overproduced or just never sold. There are various places where the products we receive come from. It can come from the warehouse of a brand, its stores or returns from their retailers. But rest assured that every single product that we sell has gone through our full renewal process and has been approved to meet the quality standards approved by the original brand.