prAna’s commitment to sustainability is decades old and started with shipping their first orders in reused produce boxes and making their own hang tags from recycled newspapers. Their continued promise is demonstrated through using sustainable materials and partnering with companies and factories that adhere to strict guidelines for safety and efficacy. prAna is the the first major brand to use Fair Trade Certified apparel and has a long history in using organic cotton, recycled polyester and bluesign certified fabrics.

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The fiber of the company is the fiber of sustainability for Ibex. They are a wool company and have developed relationships all the way to the farms to create their beautiful products. Their relationship to the outdoors and a preservation of the environment is rooted deep in their DNA. Known for dogs in the workplace and a ride-your-bike to work culture, Ibex creates durable great fitting performance apparel. In fact the Conversation Alliance awarded Ibex with an Outstanding Partnership award in 2016 for their commitment to grantees that are making a difference in preserving wilderness.

And check this out - their Vermont headquarters used to be a car dealership - now that is awesome repurposing!

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Toad & Co.


What’s not to love about a company that truly leads with integrity and weaves optimism into everything they do? Toad&Co really walks the walk as an industry leader when it comes to their commitment environmentally and socially. They make products that are designed to last in both materials and style and have been encouraging people to “Wear it out or pass it on” inside their garments for almost a decade. Toad&Co fights the good fight everyday by using sustainable and humane materials, like 100% organic cotton, Tencel®, Modal®, recycled polyester, recycled wool and non-mulesed merino wool. And for the big kick finish, every Toad&Co purchase contributes to creating opportunities for adults with disabilities, from job training to outdoor activities.

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Inside us all exists an adventurous soul - a wild heart that is called from nature to live authentically and free from modern society. For many outdoor and mountain enthusiasts pure freedom and rugged adventure has become a way of life. Mountain Khakis was developed specifically for this lifestyle. And that passion for the outdoors is evident in the products they make with their offering of Fair Trade factory garments and materials like organic cotton and bluesign fabrics. The durable nature of their products ensures that they are used to their fullest.

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Indigenous is one of the apparel industry’s foremost pioneers and leaders in ethical and eco-friendly fashion, operating a fair trade production model that is one of the most stable, equitable and profitable foreign trade models in the industry. They have invested years of time, resources and commitment to ensure that for every Indigenous garment that is purchased, more and more money goes directly back to into the supply chain to support artisans. They started over a decade ago, on the rich culture and knitting traditions of native artisans in South America. Indigenous uses all natural materials like organic cotton, wool and alpaca.

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Thread is on a mission to end poverty by creating dignified jobs and responsible, high-quality fabrics. A Certified B Corporation, Thread transforms plastic bottles from the streets and canals of Haiti and Honduras into the most responsible fabrics on the planet. Every product made with Thread supports thousands of purpose-filled jobs in the developing world and the United States. Global brands like Timberland use Thread’s premium fabrics in their products, such as apparel, shoes and bags, to improve their social and environmental impact.

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