Step one: Clean as new

We’ve partnered with Tersus solutions, the world’s most advanced waterless cleaning technology. Renewed Apparel is washed to a clean as new standard in this state-of-the-art CO2 system.

Step two: Inspected and Repaired

About 50% of Renewed Apparel has been professionally repaired. This could be as simple as putting on a button or as complex as replacing a zipper. All repairs respect the original design and quality standards of the garment. When we replace snaps, buttons and zippers, we often don’t have exact matches but we choose replacements that easily blend in. We also make repairs to tears, holes or snags on the inside of garments or in linings. Renewed Apparel won't have external fabric repairs such as visible patches. 

Step three: Certified

All Renewed Apparel - whether or not it required repair - is certified to ensure that everything works (ex. buttons, zippers, snaps, closures, linings, water resistant coating). We also guarantee that there are no stains, piling, fading, fabric fatigue or overall signs of exterior wear. Once garments are reviewed and approved, they are officially certified as Renewed Apparel.

Step four: CO-BRANDED

The Renewal Workshop label is the designation that the garment is officially Renewed Apparel. This means it has met both our standards and the original brand standards.

Step five: SCORED

Each item is given an Impact Score that quantifies the positive environmental impact of buying renewed.


The Renewal Process isn't complete without happy customers. You are an equal partner in the positive environmental and economic impact. Renewed Apparel isn’t fully renewed until you are happily wearing it. If for any reason, the garment doesn’t meet expectations, you can return it for free and we'll refund the sale. 

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