Currently, we sell our Restored Line in home goods, apparel and bags. This is our highest quality line. It means that everything you see has been restored and certified to Like-New condition.


We’ve partnered with Tersus solutions, the world’s most advanced waterless cleaning technology to clean most items. Things that cannot be cleaned in the Tersus are washed in commercial grade washing machines. Every single piece of Renewed product is washed to a clean as new standard.


About 50% of Renewed Product has been professionally repaired in some way. This could be as simple as stitching up a seam or  as complex as replacing a zipper. All repairs respect the original design and quality standards.


All Renewed product - whether or not it required repair - is certified to ensure that everything works (ex. buttons, zippers, snaps, closures, linings, water resistant coating) and there is no pilling, fading, fabric fatigue or overall signs of exterior wear. Once products are reviewed and approved, they are officially certified as Renewed.


The Renewal Workshop label lets everyone know that the product is officially Renewed. This means it has met both our standards and the original brand standards.


We track waste reduction and water, carbon, toxic chemical and energy offsets for every product and report out on the total impact twice a year. As of June 2020, we've diverted almost 285K pounds of textiles from landfill. Check out our latest impact numbers.


Renewed products aren’t fully renewed until a customer is happily using them. If for any reason, the product doesn’t meet expectations, we’ll take it back and refund the sale.


Reach out any time! Our customer service team is here for you. We're available by email seven days a week at