Rambler's Way Wool Drawstring Cardigan

Rambler's Way

Rambler's Way Wool Drawstring Cardigan

Rambler's Way

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Ra140-S-Dark Grey

Product Details

This may just be the no-longer-elusive, sport-inspired top you can trust to keep you comfy, where ever you go. The superfine, ultra lightweight 4 oz. jersey knit feels more like silk than wool. The cardigan-style top features an easy-going relaxed fit, a drawstring hoodie for extra warmth and security, and buttons all the way up to keep you warm to your core. It naturally wicks away moisture and repels odors, but just in case you get it dirty (that happens when it goes everywhere with you), it's fully machine-washable too. Bonus: it's all naturally dyed and has gone through a natural enzyme process to resist shrinking and keep it shape when it's being washed. Probably why it's naturally one of our favorites!

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Features & Materials

  • 100% Wool
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Jersey knit
  • 4.5 oz
  • Long sleeve
  • Relaxed fit
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