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Women's Lo & Sons The Seville Tote - Perforated Saffiano Leather - 13"

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Like-New Certified

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Positive Environmental Impact

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Lo & Sons

Women's Lo & Sons The Seville Tote - Perforated Saffiano Leather - 13"

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A stylish travel tote designed to carry 13" laptops. Features our Soft Touch Shell for easy attachment to your suitcase handle while breezing through airport security, and interchangeable leather styles to wear when you land.
  • An innovative travel laptop tote that features our signature Shell+ Design™ system (patent pending). Each bag with Shell+ Design™ has an inner bag and an exterior shell that can be swapped for other shells. The Seville comes fully assembled with an inner bag and leather shell, and comes with a complementary Soft Touch Shell. Additional shells are available for purchase separately.

    Includes A Complimentary Shell
    Included with every Seville tote is a Soft Touch Shell designed with a luggage sleeve to sit effortlessly over your suitcase.
    Premium Materials
    Crafted from high-quality globally sourced real leather, and lined with our signature jacquard interior.
  • Size
    Top Width 18.5"
    Bottom Width 13"
    Depth 5"
    Height 12.5"
    Strap Drop Length 11"
    Saffiano Leather 2.5 lbs
  • Exterior

    The Saffiano exterior shell layer of the tote is made from a scratch and water resistant 100% Saffiano leather, which has a relatively stiff and textured feel.

    The Perforated saffiano exterior shell layer of the tote is made from a scratch and water resistant 100% Saffiano leather.

    The Vachetta exterior shell layer of the tote is made from a soft vachetta with a water resistant coating on the surface. Every piece of vachetta leather varies in color and texture and will become unique to the person who wears it.

    Handles & Trim
    The straps of the inner bag and trim of the leather shell are made from 100% cow leather.
    Inner Bag Lining
    The interior of the inner bag is lined with our signature hummingbird poly jacquard.
    Soft Touch Shell
    The complimentary Soft Touch Shell is made from an advanced polymer yarn that easily adapts when physical force is applied to it. So it's easy to fold and pack away, but with the soft swipe of the hand you can smooth out most wrinkles. The material makes the shell super lightweight, stain resistant, water resistant, and easily cleanable. The shell comes inside of a polyester machine washable dust bag that can also be used for packing a pair of shoes or dirty clothes.
  • Water & Wipe
    We recommend using a damp cold cloth with water (preferably distilled) to wipe away any excess dirt or residue.
    Spot Clean
    If needed, we suggest spot cleaning the bag, but only with water (preferably distilled) or a mild soap. However, test a small area of the bag with the mild soap first before applying all over just to avoid any damage.
    Things To Avoid
    Make sure not to expose the leather to too much moisture because this will cause damage to the leather. Do not use any kind of oils, polish, or products containing waxes or silicone, as it may damage the leather. Do not use saddle soap, alcohol, varnish, ammonia-based cleaners (i.e. Windex), or bleach as they may cause serious damage or discoloration. And lastly, do not use baby wipes or any other alkaline cleaners as it may damage the finish of the leather.
    Contact Us
    If you have any other questions, please email support@loandsons.com.
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